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Please get familiar with testimonials of some of our clients and people we work with.

- "I love to work with TWOAG. They are professional, upbeat and always put their clients first! 

     You can count on them being there for you and accommodate for all your clients' needs. 

     I worked with TWOAG on an installation project. My clients are thrilled with the end result!"

     - Susan, Interior Designer, Los Angeles, USA.

"Once I saw elegant abstract collection by Sarah Klein, I simply had to have those four beautiful       pieces. They look amazing in my living-room."

     - Thomas, Art lover, Sydney, Australia.

"Thank you TWOAG for your consultation and recommending just the perfect art pieces for my       house. Everybody loves the way my two new paintings were installed by you in my family                 room. I am looking forward to buying more art from you and building upon my existing       


     - David, Art Collector, Zurich, Switzerland.

- "I needed a nice gift for my daughter. She's into art. Buying landscape painting from you made a      perfect birthday gift. Painting is displayed in my daughter's bedroom. Our family loves it."

    - Janina, Client, Zakopane, Poland.

- "Modern Abstract piece that I bought from TWOAG was just what I needed to add a decorative   

    touch to my kitchen. It looks perfect in my apartment."

    - Alex, Client, London, UK.

- "We love our new neutral landscape painting that we bought from TWOAG. It is proudly     

    displayed in our living room."

    - Helen & Mark, Clients, Vienna, Austria.

- "I bought a perfect Christmas gift for my family. Painting matches our home decor and is

    displayed in our living room for everyone to see."

     - Zoey, Vancouver, Canada.

- "I was looking for a while to purchase the right piece of art for my house. I finally found it.

    Thank you TWOAG.

    - Lucas, Client, Wellington, New Zealand.

- "I am so excited with my new painting. Thank you TWOAG."

    - Haruki, Tokyo, Japan.

-"Thank you for donating a painting to Widmo Corporation. We are going to renovate our office

    but once everything is set and done, we will display it for our clients to admire."

    - Widmo Corporation.

- "Thank you for such a beautiful gift. It is displayed in my butique store."

     - La Catrina, Fashion Designer. 

- "Thank you so much for your donation. Every little act of kindness counts towards Krystian's

     physical therapy."

     - Joanna, mother, Krystian Autismboy.

"Beautiful paintings. Just what I need for apartment staging. Thank you TWOAG."

     - Michael, Real Estate Agent, Chicago, USA.

- "Thank you for intorducing me to artists and art I can invest in."

     - Dimitri, Moscow, Russia.

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