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Professional Services

  • Interior Design and Decorating

 Package I:      Complete Service Design.
                             Includes designing and remodeling of your living space;                                       sourcing and purchasing of furniture, flooring, window                                         treatments, lighting and accessories; color scheme
                             Design fee is based on the project scope.

 Package II:    Conceptual Design.
                             Includes developing furniture plan and color scheme; 
                             furnishing and accessories suggestion that reflect your
                             personal  style.
                             Great for people who want to do the work on their own,
                             to furnish at their own time and within the designated
                             Design fee is based on the project scope and basic hourly

 Package III: Consultation.
                            Includes space planning for residential homes                              as well as commercial spaces (offices);
                            furniture shopping and paint color selection.
                            Ideal when you need help with only a few
                            design issues.
                            Design fee is based on a basic hourly rate.

Please contact us so that we could discuss your individual decorating and interior design needs.

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