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"Being An Artist Is A Great Privilege While At The Same Time A Great Responsibility."

An Interview With Artist Getzy.

Katherine Katz for The World Of Art Gallery.

March 3, 2021.

Getzy, a versitile Artist, known for her assemblage art, installation art, environmental art, fine art photography, ink and acrylic drawings as well as acrylic paintings.

Interviewing this Artist makes me realize that she is very humble yet strongly aware of her talent and


Getzy knows what message she can convey onto the viewer and how she can influence society.

She knows that her role as an Artist is a powerful one and not to be taken in any way for granted.

Getzy's work is mostly spontaneous, abstract. Few of her pieces have been carefully planned out ahead.

She believes that to create you need to find space for it, for what you want to say, for how you want to

express it, in what art genre, in what style or technique. That takes time... Working in isolation helps her

create meaningful and powerful art.

In her art, the Artist focuses on difficult topics that intrigue the viewer and make him/her think. She contributes to the society through donating her artwork to non-for-profits spreading awareness of important and dear to her subject matters.

Getzy, a versitile Artist continuously trying new things, working on her style(s) and

evolving, making us realize and aware of the importance and power of art.

Getzy, "Self-Portrait."

Medium: Fine Art Photography.

Image courtesy of the Artist.


Contemporary Abstract.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas.

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Image courtesy of the Artist.