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Abstract Expressionism and Figurative Abstract: An Interview With Artist Sheeba Khan.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Agatha K. Rokicki for The World Of Art Gallery.

August 15, 2020.

Sheeba Khan is a multiple award-winning, international abstract artist based in Dubai.

Her art moves deeply and inspires as each piece she creates has a life and a story of its own. Very passionate, very colorful, yet with a sense of balance, her work oftentimes is said to resemble that of Jackson Pollock's.

Her abstract art is mesmerizing. It captures your eye, your attention and most importantly your heart. “...there are so many shapes to be discovered. From faces to bodies, to forms,

to animals, to pure abstract design, the paint comes alive with visual stimuli…Pure genius is the mind that creates this art” - Mac McGovern.

“The beauty of her artwork is undeniable and begs to be shared with the world” - Tara Barnett.

Introducing Sheeba Khan...

Portrait of Sheeba Khan.

Image courtesy of the Artist.

Sheeba working on “Pink Forest.”

Image courtesy of the Artist.

Sheeba Khan - An Artist.

What does it mean to you?

It means 're-incarnation.' A rebirth of sorts. Art saved me and gave me a new life. People who knew me in my past life, would never have believed, if someone said I was an artist. I am a living miracle of God, and I started painting suddenly only 7 years ago.